Organic beauty pioneers
Since 2016

Orrganic Elemennt has been a pioneer in the space of organic and vegan beauty in India since 2016. You might know us as being India's first salon to curate only organic and vegan products.

Breaking old patterns
To pave a new one

Why did we only look up to international brands as high quality and more effective? What would it take for an Indian brand to stand at par with organic brands from around the globe?

We dove into
books, farms & labs

We scouted for the best ingredients grown in happy, hygienic farms. We dug deep for vegan alternatives and effective replacements for known irritants. We found so many partners, farms, manufacturers, labs, along the way that believe in our philosophy and they are all a part of our journey today.

3 years later
the perfect intersection

We did not stop until we found the perfect intersection of two factors - our approval of efficacy on Indian Skin and the COSMOS Standard's approval of organic standards.


No Shortcuts

We formulate luxury skincare essentials with equal focus on quality, efficacy, luxury and inclusivity.

What is Cosmos Organic?


We are always pushing the boundary with transparency. View our detailed labels and product ingredient dictionary.

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Low Environmental Impact

We are sensitive towards our impact on the biodiversity of our planet. We optimize business decisions to be as low-impact as possible.

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