What are organic products? The answer that will always change.

Organic farming, ethical sourcing, clean extractions, green formulations, they may all sound like buzzwords but behind them is years and years of research that have finally become feasible and commercially viable parts of our decision making models in the skincare and haircare business. Few years ago even if a couple of ingredients were made using the principals of organic farming, or if some ingredients were organic an entire product could be called organic - not because of lack of monitoring but because research, manufacturing, supply only made that much possible. At that point it was possibly the most organic a product could get.

But today standards like COSMOS Organic, a global standard adhered to by 5 of the biggest certification bodies in the world, have pushed the boundaries of organic skincare and haircare formulations by curating a criteria that is like none we have seen before. From in depth analysis of each ingredient's source, extraction methods, reactants, solvents and treatments included in or undergone by each ingredient, microbial content, additives, green chemistry principals to ecological data, packaging material and waste management systems.

So, why can an organic product not always mean the same thing? Because every year as research progresses and science pushes its boundaries we will be able to do more - do better! Today we may be able to achieve 95% - 98% organic ingredients in a formulation but soon we could achieve a 100% and that becomes the new standard. Today we may not have easy access to affordable alternative packaging but soon we will and that becomes the new standard.

So an organic product is an ever evolving definition of a standard that stands at the helm of scientific research.

Find your trusted standard and demand it out of the brands you use.

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