What are organic products? The answer that will always change.
Organic farming, ethical sourcing, clean extractions, green formulations, they may all sound like buzzwords but behind them is years and years of research that have finally become feasible and commercially viable parts of our decision making models in the skincare...
How salon customers went from ignorant to informed
I remember spending 10-15 minutes per customer explaining the difference between the next door salon's shampoo or the shampoo they used at home vs the shampoos that I had curated from international brands with global certifications, ethical manufacturing processes and solid labelling standards
Why claim 'cruelty free' if animal testing is anyway banned in India?
Animal Testing was banned years ago in India then why do we still claim 'No Animal Testing' in our products ? One quick google search will instantly reveal that back in 2014 India was the first South Asian country to...