Why claim 'cruelty free' if animal testing is anyway banned in India?

Animal Testing was banned years ago in India then why do we still claim 'No Animal Testing' in our products ?

One quick google search will instantly reveal that back in 2014 India was the first South Asian country to ban animal testing for cosmetics and banned import of products that were animal tested. So, shouldn't we just assume every product in our Indian shelves are cruelty free?

However, apart from the obvious, which is the final product being tested on animals, here are some other ways that brands find themselves on PETA'S "Companies that do test on Animals" List.


  • It tests any ingredients on animals.
  • It uses a third-party supplier that tests on animals.
  • It hasn't assured PETA that it doesn't conduct tests.
  • It tests on animals ""where required by law.""
  • It tests on animals to sell its products in China (it is mandatory to test on animals if you want to enter the Chinese market)

Brands like American Beauty (Estee Lauder), Aveeno (Johnson & Johnson), Cacharel (LOreal), Clean & Clear (Johnson & Johnson), Head & Shoulders (Procter & Gamble) are all still on this list, last updated by PETA on 15/12/2021

When a brand in the Indian market claims it is cruelty free, they do it because of these - the loopholes! They need to prove, apart from testing their final products on animals, they also do not take part in any of the above.

As for the companies who are on the list but still claim they are cruelty free... how do we trust you? Are you hiring a third party agency to test for you? Are your products being exported to China and so still being testing on animals somewhere else in the world? How do we know the product we hold in our hand in India is uniquely NOT tested on animals?

We personally keep an eye on the PETA list that is updated often. You can too - https://lnkd.in/etmpzTgC

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